Friday, 4 April 2014

ASOS Footwear Summer Essentials!

I am almost hyperventilating whilst browsing through ASOS's Spring and Summer Shoe Collection.
Ohhh myy godd they've done good this year! Of course I picked out my favourites to show to you, but also what's going to be bang on trend this summer! Think 90's fashion. It is all about chunky wooden sandals with frilly socks, jaw-dropping platforms teamed with Stockings, A-line plaid skirts and a sharp blazer and Jelly shoes worn with pastel T-shirt dresses, a cute leather backpack and a pair of statement sunglasses... I am in love!<3

Now not every girl follows the seasons of fashion and has the bank account to spend money on a new wardrobe every time the weather changes, I am definitely not one of those people! But if you hunt through the sales, trawl through eBay listings and get yourself round the charity shops/car boot sales for a good rummage, then you are definitely going to find some amazing pieces at a bargain price and look fabulous this summer! 

You don't have to follow the rules, as the KEY thing i've found is just being confident in whatever you wear and feel comfortable in. Be daring, buy something you wouldn't necessarily see yourself wearing and have fun with it! Other peoples opinions don't matter if YOU feel good then that's all that matters, after all it's your body and your life!

And a note to add, ASOS have currently got up to 70% off selected items, so what are you waiting for?

Have a lovely weekend! 


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